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2016 MLB draft

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Players from NAIA schools taken in the 2016 Major League Baseball draft:

Pick Round Team Player Story School Pos.
46 2 Milwaukee Brewers Lucas Erceg story Menlo (Calif.) 3B
119 4 Arizona Diamondbacks Curtis Taylor story British Columbia RHP
209 7 Arizona Diamondbacks Jordan Watson   Science & Arts (Okla.) LHP
234 8 San Diego Padres Benjamin Sheckler story Cornerstone (Mich.) LHP
258 9 Cincinnati Reds Alex Webb   British Columbia RHP
266 9 Chicago White Sox Max Dutto   Menlo (Calif.) SS
277 9 Houston Astros Ryan Hartman story Tennessee Wesleyan LHP
309 10 Texas Rangers Josh Merrigan story Georgia Gwinnett OF
379 13 Atlanta Braves Brandon White story Davenport (Mich.) RHP
416 14 Chicago White Sox Bryan Saucedo story Davenport (Mich.) RHP
425 14 San Francisco Giants Conner Menez story The Master's (Calif.) LHP
445 15 Detroit Tigers John Schreiber story Northwestern Ohio RHP
464 15 Chicago Cubs Jed Carter story Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) RHP
474 16 San Diego Padres Chris Mattison story Southeastern (Fla.) C
480 16 New York Mets Jacob Zanon story Lewis-Clarke State (Idaho) CF
575 19 San Francisco Giants Brandon Van Horn   The Master's (Calif.) SS
604 20 Washington Nationals Jake Barnett   Lewis-Clarke State (Idaho) LHP
694 23 Washington Nationals Michael Rishwain story Westmont (Calif.) RHP
708 24 Cincinnati Reds Bruce Yari story British Columbia 1B
744 25 San Diego Padres Luis Anguizola   Loyola (La.) C
778 26 Boston Red Sox Jared Oliver   Truett-McConnell RHP
799 27 Atlanta Braves Corbin Clouse   Davenport (Mich.) LHP
801 27 Milwaukee Brewers Nick Cain   Faulkner (Ala.) RF
860 29 Colorado Rockies Josh Shelley   Mobile (Ala.) RHP
886 29 St. Louis Cardinals Noel Gonzalez   Lewis-Clarke State (Idaho) RHP
903 30 Minnesota Twins Quin Grogan   Lewis-Clarke State (Idaho) RHP
909 30 Texas Rangers Christian Torres   Faulkner (Ala.) LHP
922 31 Oakland Athletics Sam Sheehan   Westmont (Calif.) RHP
953 32 Miami Marlins Chevis Hoover   Tennessee Wesleyan RHP
965 32 San Francisco Giants John Timmins   Bellevue (Neb.) RHP
969 32 Texas Rangers Travis Bolin   Davenport (Mich.) OF
976 32 St. Louis Cardinals Leland Tilley   Bellevue (Neb.) RHP
982 33 Oakland Athletics Jarrett Costa   Westmont (Calif.) C
999 33 Texas Rangers Mark Vasquez   Faulkner (Ala.) RHP
1056 35 Los Angeles Angels Sean Issac   Vanguard (Calif.) RHP
1086 36 Los Angeles Angels Jose Rojas   Vanguard (Calif.) SS
1121 37 Los Angeles Dodgers Enrique Zamora   Calument (Ind.) RHP
1134 38 San Diego Padres Will Solomon   Georgia Gwinnett LHP
1161 39 Milwaukee Brewers Jose Gomez   St. Thomas (Fla.) CF


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Bob Broughton started going to British Columbia home games in 2001, and was favorably impressed with the caliber of play. This led to annual trips to the NAIA Baseball National Championship in Lewiston, ID, a nine-hour drive from Vancouver. He retired in Guanajuato, Mexico in 2012.


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